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Windows Home Server Add-Ins

Disk Management for Windows Home Server[English] [Deutsch]

Disk Management is a hard disk monitoring and visualisation Add-In for Windows Home Server. You can use Disk Management to build a wireframe representation of your Home Server to enable you to identify where specific hard disks are inside your server case.

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Here are a few comments about Disk Management from recent reviews:

We made sure to install the excellent Disk Management add-in.  -

Disk Management makes it easy to see what's going on with which physical disk in your server. - LifeHacker

Disk Management is a very nice presentation of an important part of any Windows Home Server. - Al West

Feedsource for Windows Home Server [English]

Feedsource is a Windows Home Server Add-In that publishes secure Really Simple Syndication (“RSS”) feeds for Shared Folders through the Remote Access web site. Access Feedsource RSS feeds from inside or outside the home network to view new and changed files in Shared Folders using any RSS reader that supports authenticated feeds.

Feedsource User Interface Feedsource User Interface Feedsource User Interface

Very easy to use and really useful if you are sharing content with other people! -

This one you’re going to like.  Simply put, it’s RSS for your Shares. -

Windows Home Server Tools

Windows Home Server Client Backup Notifier[English]

This application allows you to receive email notification of the current backup state of each client joined to Windows Home Server.

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